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From: Björgvin Benediktsson, Musician, Audio Educator

If you’re anything like my clients and students, you're sitting on songs begging to be released.

But every time you try to mix and master your music, your skills fall flat.

When you compare your mixes to commercially released records, they pale in significance.

Your mixes sound muddy compared to the clean, clear radio releases you listen to, and you just can’t get that pro sound you’re looking for.

You can’t figure out how to make space for everything in the mix. You jump from one thing to another and waste time demoing plug-ins instead of finishing songs.

No matter what plug-ins you use to chase that elusive perfect sound in your head, your mixes sound horrible, and this can make you feel incredibly frustrated.

When you play your mix outside the studio, it feels like a bloated mess that you can’t wait to turn off because you feel embarrassed by your skills.

So, you stop trusting your instincts.

In the end, you waste so much time mixing that it becomes a huge hassle that sucks all the fun out of making music.


So You Don't Finish...

If you’ve failed at making pro-level music in the past, it’s not your fault.

There’s a lot of information out there, which can be confusing and sometimes just downright wrong.

Some YouTube videos I’ve seen explaining things have sometimes been scarily inaccurate.

And the sad part is that some people stop short of releasing their work because they get sidetracked by the new shiny plug-in.

Or worse, completely crushed by self-doubt and imposter syndrome. 

I don’t know how often I’ve heard musicians freeze up because they’re too frustrated with their skills to finally finish and release their work. 


And Your Songs Sit There on Your Hard Drive...Unreleased

It breaks my heart to know how some people stop short of releasing their music just because they get crushed by imposter syndrome.

Where do you turn for advice to help you take that final step?

  • Online groups aren't helpful. Too much contradicting advice.
  • YouTube videos are entertaining. But they give you too many extra ideas so you never progress with your skills.

So you end up trapped in a downward spiral of self-criticism because you can’t give your songs that final stamp of approval.

  • Imagine knowing exactly how to create the music you hear in your head.
  • Imagine knowing exactly how to mix and master professional-sounding records.
  • Imagine using your audio and music skills to release your music, grow a fanbase, and build a portfolio of work. 


Here's What Happens When Your Mixes Sound "Pro"

When you start to create pro mixes you're proud to release and share, the world opens up.

When you record the music that’s close to your heart and share that passionate feeling with your loved ones, your confidence in the studio soars to new heights.

When your work sounds as good as possible, you may start to grow a following that listens to your music and eagerly awaits your next release.

You might start shopping your songs around for sync licensing opportunities to get featured in TV shows and films.

You may also start to get noticed by other artists who want to work with you.

Or maybe you'll just be happy to make high-quality demos for your family, making music they love, appreciate, and listen to.

Regardless of your goals, knowing how to mix and master your music professionally will help you achieve them.


My Mission is to Help You Get There

I can help you master your audio skills so you can make professional music you're proud to release.

In my career, I've worked as a live sound engineer, a broadcast recording engineer, a professional touring musician, a freelance mixing and mastering engineer, and an audio educator.

For 15+ years, I've been helping people like you transform their rough recordings into professional records they can be proud to release. I’ve passed on everything I’ve learned about mixing and mastering so you can avoid my mistakes and get better mixes in less time. 


What Do Released Songs Mean to You?

In the end, it comes down to this question:

Would you like to share your released music with your friends, family, and fans?

What would that mean to you?

For some, it’s that sense of closure that your work is out there and finished, waiting to be heard.

For others, it’s the start of a bustling music career.

And if you’re already releasing music, maybe you’d like to finish things faster to build a bigger body of work you can be proud of.

  • Do you want to finish your mixes and release your music, but you have no idea where to start?
  • Do your mixes sound muddy compared to the clean, clear radio releases you listen to, and you just can’t get that pro sound you’re looking for?
  • Are you tired of jumping from one trick to another and demoing new plug-ins that don’t help?
  • Would you like direct access to a coach and mentor who can help you understand the entire mixing and mastering process?
  • Are you trying to share your songs with the world and feel accomplished as a musical creative?

If You Said YES to ANY of the Questions Above,

Then I Want to Invite You to the Step By Step Mixing Challenge and Finally Finish Your Mixes Once and For All


Here's What You'll Get:

  • 5 Days of In-Depth Step-By-Step Mix Training
  • 5 Days of Q&A Coaching Call Replays with additional tips and techniques to improve your mixes
  • Downloadable Step-by-step instructions each day to make progress on your mix
  • TWO bonus binge-worthy step-by-step mixing courses in two different genres you can start learning from right away
  • A community of home studio musicians and producers working together to make better music

If you want to mix your tracks with confidence and feel excited to release your records, this is the challenge you’ve been waiting for.

Imagine: In Only 5 Days, You’ll Have a Finished Mix You Can Be Proud Of

Video Poster Image

The Step By Step Mixing Challenge Schedule

  • Day 1 - Beginning with the final mix in mind. Beginning with the end in mind is all about critically listening to your tracks, organizing your session and balancing your tracks.
  • Day 2 - Creating a static, two-dimensional mix with EQ, compression, and saturation. EQ, compression and saturation are the “Big Three” processors that move the needle the most in your mix.
  • Day 3 - Creating depth and space with reverb and delay. Adding dimension, depth, and space to a mix will help you expand your rough two-dimensional mix into a bigger, three-dimensional image.
  • Day 4 - Creating professional punch and power with parallel processing. Parallel processing will take your final three-dimensional mix and enhance it further, adding power, punch, and width.
  • Day 5 - How to make your final mix loud AND dynamic so it’s ready for release. “Mixstering” is the method of mastering your song on the mix bus after your mix is finished to make it feel “mastered.” This is considered blasphemy by the purist audio community, and I could get canceled just for showing you this easy method to make your mixes sound mastered.

If you’ve wanted to finish your mixes and release your records but have gotten sidetracked by tedious online courses, long-winded YouTube videos, or plug-in fatigue, this is your chance to follow a step-by-step mixing process that helps you create pro mixes every time.

Hear How Much Your Mix Can Change After Taking the Challenge

Start the Step By Step Mixing Challenge!

What Have People Said About the Step By Step Mixing Process?

"It was so helpful to walk through a mix in real time and then join the Q and A sessions. Björgvin answered all of our questions succinctly and specifically, and I also learnt a lot from the questions others asked. I learned something new in every session and learnt about specific plugins to put on the mix bus/other buses and their settings, which has really helped the overall sound of all my mixes. The challenge helped me to see where I need to improve in the decisions I make or choose not to make, trusting my ears and following along with the multit-tracks meant I could start to copy exactly what Björgvin did so I can replicate it in my mixes."

-Naomi Haworth


"As a rookie home producer I finally found Audio Issues offering this fantastic guide that gave all the bits and pieces, that I gathered from the internet, a context and an easy-to-understand explanations. Björgvin encourages its readers with practical tips to try and experiment, rather than just reading. His material I recommend for beginner and experienced enthusiasts!"

-Arjan van Wijk

"refreshingly helpful in demystifying a topic that I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I thought I would have to completely change my life to attend audio school. But with Bjorgvin’s help, I have been able to turn a hobby into the beginning of a freelance career. THANK YOU!"

-Emily, Musician


Real-World Released Results

My Step By Step Mixing method has helped countless musicians, engineers and producers gain the confidence and skills to make professional music they can be proud of.

But more importantly, they’ve used my techniques to actually finish their mixes and release their songs.

Whether they’re working in rock, pop, folk, country, EDM, or hip-hop, they’ve all gained the confidence to proudly to release their records.

If you want to hear the results my students have achieved after learning and working with me, check out this playlist of some of my favorite student releases.

Here’s How the Step By Step Mixing Challenge Works…

The Process

You will receive instructions and an in-depth training session every day for the next five days, during which I will walk you through what you need to do to your tracks to progress on your mix that day. I will share the steps you need to take and then show you how to apply them on a song I am working on so that you can see it all in action.

These handouts and videos will be your step-by-step strategy to help you transform your recordings into finished mixes.

The How-To

Follow the instructions each day to make progress. You'll go through the mixing process, from balancing the recordings to bouncing out the mastered mix.

Inside these step-by-step mixing sessions you'll see exactly how each day’s instructions relate to real-world recordings so that you can apply the techniques to your own tracks.

Watching the videos and following the instructions with your tracks guarantees that you make progress on your mix each day.

The Q&A

At the end of each day, you have access to a Q&A coaching call replay where you can hear questions from past attendees relevant to each day's training to get additional tips relevant to your tracks.

Use these sessions to get in-depth answers to your burning mixing questions, clarification on mixing techniques you want to try, and advice on improving your existing tracks.

Step By Step Mixing Bonus Courses

When you sign up, you'll also access two bonus binge-worthy step-by-step mixing courses you can start immediately.

These courses walk you through two different mixes so you can see the step-by-step mixing process before you take the challenge.

  • One course tackles a band-based session where we mix acoustic drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, organ, and female and male vocals.
  • The second course is geared towards people working with software instruments and beats. It covers electronic drum kits, 808s, synths, and rap vocals.

These two courses cover almost any track you need to know how to mix so you can feel confident mixing whatever genre you're working on.


Here's What You'll Learn Inside the Step By Step Mixing Bonus Courses

  • How to simplify your tracks with submixes so that you can get better mixes in less time
  • Find out what all the pro engineers know about organizing your tracks for easy mixing
  • Why jumping into the mix without considering what you want things to sound like will make everything take longer
  • Why a simple DI bass recording will never give you a full, powerful bass tone and what you need to do instead
  • The surprisingly easy critical listening exercises you should do before you even start mixing your tracks
  • The three powerful plug-ins that work wonders on your mix bus to immediately add glue, warmth and power to your tracks
  • The secret weapon to make your home-recorded drums sound like they came from an expensive studio
  • EQ and compression techniques to make your drums sound punchy and powerful
  • How to get rid of boxiness and boom from your drums
  • A sneaky little trick to immediately make your mixes brighter and more modern-sounding
  • A quick and easy way to control your low end and add width to your mix
  • How a separate “snare-stretch” trick will add depth and presence to your snare sound
  • My “virtual vintage” bass processing chain that makes a boring DI’d bass come alive
  • My go-to compressor for a big bass and guitar sound
  • A dead-simple way to make both the bass and guitars play nicely together in the low-miss without adding muddiness
  • My acoustic guitar capo-trick for adding lift to the choruses to make them bigger
  • How to add excitement to dull acoustic guitars so that they add brilliance and brightness to your mix
  • Why and when you should use LCR panning - and why all these online arguments about panning are a total waste of time
  • The REAL secret behind why you should use LCR panning to create width in your mixes
  • How to create separation in a dense guitar mix without making everything sound thin and washed out
  • How to instantly get that “analog warmth” - even if you don’t have fancy outboard equipment or an expensive mixing console
  • You’ll discover how to add depth and space to all your instruments without creating a washed-out, reverb-y mess
  • You’ll learn how to use mono delays to create depth and width to your tracks so that you can create a 3D mix that fills up your speakers
  • You’ll find out how to quickly recognize and avoid too much compression, overblown low end, or harsh high-end
  • My over-the-top effects chain to create an organ pad that fills up the entire mix without getting in the way
  • Why some compressors and reverbs work better than others, and the reason you shouldn’t slap just any plug-in on your tracks
  • Why “black box magic plug-ins” are annoying because you don’t know what they’re doing - and if you don’t know what they’re doing, you don’t know how to get the sound you want (even if they’re fun to cheat with)
  • A fast and easy way to target a problematic frequency area that’s only causing issues sometimes, without using automation, macro-programming, or re-recording
  • The Pulteq trick revealed - if you’ve ever wondered WHY the Pulteq trick does such wonders for your low-end, I show you exactly what’s going on beneath the hood
  • Beware of this common vocal mixing mistake when using doubled vocals - you’ll learn how to mix multiple vocals together so that you can get a great vocal sound at home
  • How the serial compression LA2A/1176 ACTUALLY WORKS and what it does to the waveform so that you can finally understand why it makes your vocal sit in the mix
  • How to create a natural vocal space that sits with the instruments and doesn’t clutter up the rest of the mix
  • How automation can add interest and excitement throughout the mix
  • How to rebalance and add final tweaks to your mix after you’ve mixed all the tracks so that everything sits nicely and plays like a record
  • How to use reference mixing to beat your own mixes so that every mix you finish is better than the one before
  • How to prepare your mix for mastering IF you use a mastering engineer
  • The real secret to adding headroom to your mix before mastering - almost everyone gets this wrong and if you ask about this on the internet you’ll get a bunch of bullshit answers.
  • How to master your mix with linear phase EQ, multi-band compression, analog modeling, parallel compression, and limiting to enhance your mix even further so that it sounds like a professionally mastered record that’s ready to be released
  • How to break down and simplify a complex mix into its production elements

  •  How to get a fast balance using the 1 dB rule

  •  How to use mix bus processing to get a good rough mix immediately

  •  The perfect solution for taming your low-end

  •  Creating separation between the 808 and kick with EQ

  •  How to find the dominant frequencies of each low-end instrument

  •  Where exactly to filter the low end to tighten up the mix and how to use multi-band compression to tame boominess

  •  How to use artificial low-end enhancers to add more power to your low end

  •  Why you should check your low-end for translation at the beginning of the mix

  •  How to add thickness in the lows with EQ

  •  How to add air and width with parallel processing

  •  How to use reverb to add ambience without washing out the drums

  •  How to mix instrumentals to a beat without losing clarity and punch

  •  How to add depth to your tracks and tone to your bass

  •  How to EQ and compress vocals to keep them upfront in the mix

  •  How to add minor depth via delay inserts on your vocal bus

  •  How to fit your vocals in the mix without getting the rest of the tracks in the way

  •  How to add depth without adding unnecessary reverb and space

  •  How to add doubling without your vocal sounding chorus-y and phase-y

  •  How to keep a snappy snare from competing with the clarity of the vocals

  •  How to make better mixes by beating your own reference tracks

  •  How to use linear phase EQ in mid/side to tighten up the low end

  •  How to use multi-band compression to squeeze the dynamics and glue the mix together

  •  How to use Mid/Side EQ in the high-end to create a three-dimensional wide mix

  •  How to use parallel limiting to add even more loudness without squashing the peaks

  •  The non-traditional way to master your mix the old-guard would hate me for telling you about

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This Challenge Is For You If...

  • You don't know how to mix your songs
  • You don't know how to use EQ, compression, reverb, delay, or saturation to bring out the best in your tracks
  • You don't know how, or in what order, to use your plug-ins to mix your tracks
  • You want to finish your mixes so you can share your music with others
  • You want to create a body of work to leave a legacy of art behind



Your Challenge, Should You Choose to Accept It...

The Step-by-Step Mixing Challenge will hold your hand but force you to take action.

It will show you the proven, repeatable process that's guaranteed to transform your rough recordings into finished, release-ready records.

If you have a recorded song demo, an unfinished production, or a mix that's not quite there yet, the Step By Step Mixing Challenge will show you what you need to finish your mixes.

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  • A Community of Home Studio Musicians and Producers Working Together to Make Better Music

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There is a reason my students have told me that my training has "instantly improved their mixes."

But if for some reason it doesn't help you dramatically improve your mixing knowledge, the Step By Step Mixing Challenge comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

I guarantee that following the workflow, watching the videos, and applying my techniques will help you create more professional mixes from your home studio.

But if at any point you decide that my training didn't skyrocket the quality of your mixes, simply email [email protected] for a full refund, no questions asked nor strings attached!

I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you don’t learn anything from what I’m creating for you.

So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that.

Here's to improving your mixes!+


Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson

I'm the author of Step By Step Mixing, the creator of the Audio Issues EQ plug-in, and the founder of Audio Issues.

I'm an audio engineer on a mission to help musicians overcome their imposter syndrome and create great-sounding music to release work they can be proud of. In my career, I've worked as a live sound engineer, a broadcast recording engineer, a professional touring musician, a freelance mixing and mastering engineer, and an audio educator.

Thousands of home studio producers like yourself have learned from my training, and my work has been featured in publications such as MusicTech magazine, Audiotuts+, The Pro Audio Files, and Recording Revolution, to name a few.

If you want to make your music jump out of the speakers, my goal is to help you do that. My dream is for you to email me one day and tell me you won an award for your music because I helped you make it sound successful.

Looking forward to helping you inside the Step By Step Mixing Challenge!

"Björgvin goes straight for the good stuff, with lots of tips and strategies you can implement right away."

- Joe Gilder
Musician/Producer, Owner of Home Studio Corner

"Björgvin has been teaching and writing about recording for a decade, and really understands that stuff that we all struggle with in the home studio."

- Lij Shaw
Grammy Award-Winning Studio Owner, and Host of the Recording Studio Rockstars Podcast

"Bjorgvin is an expert at breaking down complicated subject matter with language and detail that readers of all skill levels will understand."

- Dan Comerchero
Owner of The Pro Audio Files